21 April 2020
Top Tips For Working From Home in 2020

Workplace and office standards are constantly changing, in which individuals must quickly adapt. Recently, this change is seen with the current norm of working from home. 

 While freelancers and entrepreneurs may be used to working 6 meters away from their bedroom and kitchen, most of the working public has developed a routine specific to working in an office. And with this change, comes new challenges and adjustments for each personality type.  

The Meeko team was asked to share their ‘top tips’ for working at home to share with our network 

Eat the frog 

If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” – Mark Twain  

While many of us make daily to-do lists, ‘eating the frog’ is an effective tool when prioritising tasks to stay focused. The frog is easy to spot and is a task you have little motivation to complete and/or something you have been procrastinating for a few days. By identifying the frog the night before and completing it first thing the next morning-think of the frog as your breakfast- you develop a momentum that will keep you motivated throughout the rest of the day.  

Pomodoro technique 

Now that you have properly organised your list and prioritised the order of completion, it’s a matter of getting everything done. Many Meeko team members incorporate the Pomodoro technique to stay focused while working from home.  

It’s quite simple, choose an item on your to-do list and set a timer for 25 minutes. Work completely for the entire 25-minute increment without any distractions. Once the timer rings, take a short break (not work-related) and move onto your next task, starting the whole process over again. After four rounds, take a longer break. 

The Pomodoro Technique is equally effective by ensuring one’s complete attention for a short amount of time, while also getting many tasks accomplished throughout the day.  

Stay connected and engaged 

While this tip might seem a bit obvious, it is still important to remind ourselves to check in with our teammates when working remotely. Think how often you engage with peers in an office space, whether that is getting a cup of coffee, asking a question, or simply exchanging a laugh across a row of computers.  

Taking time to talk to your peers regularly keeps individuals feel included and connected even in times of self-isolation. Consider scheduling a team trivia night, daily lunchtime Zoom meetings to discuss non-work-related topics, or am email thread dedicated to sharing jokes. Small and consistent communication with your team members helps reinforce office culture while maintaining distance 

At Meeko, staying connected is crucial as we have offices in both London and Kyiv. Scheduling designated ‘team time’ has not only been helpful over the last few weeks but minimising the distance between our two cities!

Organise your workspace 

Another obvious but important tip here- keep your workspace organised and separate from your relaxation space. You don’t relax, eat, and work all at the same place in the office, so working from home is no different.  

Try to find a space near a window or bright spot in your home to dedicate completely to work. This will help establish boundaries for ‘working spaces’ and ‘relaxing spaces.’ Creating these mental definitions is important to reinforce a healthy-work life balance.  

Stay secure   

As many individuals are spending more time online to stay connected, it is imperative to ensure your devices are secure. Renewing anti-virus software, updating passwords, and looking out for phishing scams save you and your team time by avoiding a breach instead of having to react remotely. 

Hot tip- one of our clients, Lucidica, has been able to make these necessary updates remotely for our whole Meeko team! If you are looking for a quick and simple way to check your current security measures, visit their website here

Whether working remotely is a short-term option or a long-term strategy for your team, continuing to stay focused, connected, and secure is essential to adapt in a constantly changing world.  

To learn more about Meeko and how we empower businesses to scale without sacrificing talent for low costs, email our team at hello@meekoteams.com

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