Expand your business with remote employees in Ukraine, stay productive while we manage.


Save costs
You could save up to 80% off your wage bill on the same amount of talent
Join the future
Accessing world class talent in unutilized markets mean you can get the best people
Flexible availability
You'll have access to employees who are able to work around the clock and on public holidays
A quick overview
We're a team of remote employee management experts based in London and offer recruitment and fully managed co-working spaces in Kyiv, Ukraine.

There's many benefits to hiring remote offshore employees, but navigating offshore hiring can be difficult, with legal complications and the added trouble of managing a team elsewhere in the world.

We navigate those problems for you and learn your business inside and out so that we can operate like your offshore department, ensuring your business and your new remote team work in harmony.

How we help you
What we do best
Legal stuff
We handle all of the foreign employment laws, taxation and payroll processing - saving you valuable time and giving you peace of mind
We take advantage of a booming tech industry to provide you the best candidates and screen them ourselves so that you're only meeting with the select few that fit your business
We set your employee(s) up with their own dedicated workspace with all the equipment and software they need. We teach them everything they need to know about working as part of an international team
On-going Support
We provide on-site office management and IT support. Your new employee(s) also receive professional job training in their respective fields covered entirely by us, as well as personal development workshops
About us
We source talent and ensure produtive harmony

We've built our business to cover all the gaps you'll face from remove hiring so your process is as simple as possible.

We manage your remote employee(s) in their own dedicated workspace here in Kyiv. We set them up with all the necessary equipment, inductions, and training programs and sense of community they need to excel.

Our aim is to cover both sides. As the client you experience all of the benefits associated with a remote employee, whereas your team members flourish with the advantages of working in a co-working space.

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Get the right people
Ukraine has a booming tech industry and is the perfect place to find world class Software Developers, Engineers and Designers, but we don't stop there. We cater to whatever your needs are by sourcing any position you need and are dedicated to finding you the perfect candidate.
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