We give you the soft landing necessary to grow your team with remote staff.

We’ve built our business based on three core values with you the customer in mind.

We pride ourselves on being 100% transparent. There's no additional fees you will always be paying the lowest posssible price.
On-going Support
Our ethos is to make your life as easy as possible so we take care of all of the technical, legal and management issues that can arise from having an offshore team.
We believe that a positive and supportive working enivornment is key to ensuring psychological well-being and to maximize productivity.

Who we are.

We’re not an agency or recruitment company. We fit the gap between a recruitment company and co-working space. We've built our business to service the complications that arise from offshore hiring.

Our headquarters is based in London, but our modern fully-equipped co-working space is in Kyiv, Ukraine. It's here we source the best available talent, and where your new employee's and team will be working from.

We do our best to facilitate a positive working enviornment where your employees will feel comfortable engaging with individuals from other businesses, meet new people, and feel a strong sense of community as part of the Meeko family.

Why are we based in Ukraine as opposed to more typical offshore locations?

  • Thriving Tech Scene
    Abundance of talent
  • The Time Zone
    2 hours ahead of London
  • The Cost
    80% lower than London
Ukraine’s thriving tech and start-up scene

Ukrainian millennial tech entrepreneurs are branching out and launching their own startups, developing new products and bringing unusual and innovative ideas to life. Most of these companies are keeping the R&D operations in Ukraine but selling into Western Europe and beyond, there are in fact over 100 R&D centers of major global companies are based in Ukraine for some well knows tech giants like Samsung, Magento, and SysIQ.

The Time Zone

The difference in time between London and Kyiv is only 2 hours in both summer and winter, and the benefit of having someone in Ukraine starting work 2 hours before the London office is one of the perks our clients love. It gives the remote team enough time to get into the office and get started for the day before the Londoners have even had their first fancy coffee. The flight is only 3hrs 20 minutes which also makes it completely feasible to pop over and work alongside the team for a couple of days.

The Cost

The average monthly salary in Kyiv is significantly lower than in London, so it’s perfectly reasonable to expect that you will be able to save between 2 and 5 times on wages compared to hiring in the UK depending on the position. Not only will you save on salaries, but everything else associated with hiring in the UK, including but not limited to: recruitment fees, no payroll taxes, no pension or National Insurance Contributions, and additional equipment and overhead costs.

Our Story.

Meeko started out life as a division of Lucidica which was founded back in 2005 in London and has since grown to be one of the major players of IT support amongst SME in London.

In 2014 the business was booming and needed to expand rapidly but looked to save costs at the same time. They decided to recruit offshore and after a lot of research decided Ukraine was the right place. Then came the difficult part. Having to go through the process of foreign employment law, taxation, etc. After a lot of trial and error and learning they were able to hire their first offshore employee. Seeing how effective it is after figuing out the challenges they created Meeko to offer solutions to other companies looking to do the same thing and streamline the process and experience for businesses and employees.