Price Comparison
Taxes, regulations and local level of expenses makes hiring in Ukraine cost you much less than hiring a specialist from the UK
Avg mid-level developer London
Employers taxes
Office costs
On costs
Avg mid-level developer Kyiv
Employee Taxes
Maintenance Fee
Recruitment Fee
Average cost of using a recruiter in London ranges from £5-10K, our recruitment fees are over 80% less
London Recruitment Costs
Meeko Recruitment Costs
Management fee breakdown
We're not just international recruitment and management experts, we're also professional development and IT experts
Onsite Office Management
On-site support incuding general HR support and advice to give you greater visibility and immediate access.
Onsite IT Support
Our IT support providers set your team up and provide next to immediate IT support and equipment audits.
Payroll Processing
You never have to worry about the exchange rate and paying more than what's agreed on the contract.
legal & compliance
We work alongside accountants to help your team create their own account and ensure legal compliance.
Dedicated desk space
Equipt with Dell OptiPlex Business Class PC & dual monitors, Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, Microsoft EM+S E3, Anti-virus, patch management.
Social Events
Our monthly social events are one way we help foster a social enivonrment and community rather than a clinical workspace.
Office drinks and snacks
Our office fridge is always stocked with drinks and snacks for your team to enjoy throughout the day.
Professional Development
We take feedback alongisde our own research to bring in specialist workshops that keep your team constantly learning and developing.
Optional Extras
Additional Software
We can setup any additional software your team may need such as Microsoft Office or Photoshop.
Microsoft 365 with enhanced security
We recommend using Microsoft 365 with enhanced security but install it at your own discretion.
UK Telephone line
We'll install a UK number and headset for your employee to use to better keep your team connected.
Enchaned English lessons
Twice a week, one-on-one enhanced English lessons designed to achieve any level required.
Health insurance
Get Odo Y Health insurance alongside the commplimentary flu shots we offer every year.
We can provide a laptop instead of our regular computers so that your team is more easily able to travel with them.
Alternative hardware
If you'd prefer your team to be running hardware or operating systems different from what we provide as standard.
Desk space for you
When visiting your team including travel and acommodation arrangements and assistance with your visa