30 April 2019
Ukraine – Offshoring’s rising star

We don’t understand it either, how has Ukraine been so overlooked when it comes to finding remote staff when it has everything you could possibly need? Well, it could be the small matter of its reputation.

Honestly, when you think of Ukraine what pops into your head? Borscht? Chicken Kiev’s? Vodka? Radiation? Russia? The Colour Grey? All legitimate thoughts, but we’ve been working in Ukraine for four years now and we’re ready and raring to squash any preconceptions you might have one by one and show you the Ukraine we know and love.


Namely, Chernobyl. Yep, that happened but waaaay way back in 1986. The exclusion zone is ever-shrinking, and you can now go on one of the weirdest days trips of your life to visit the area. We’ve all been for the day, wandering around with a guide, Geiger counters in hand whilst learning about the history of the site. There’s more to learn about the disaster of Chernobyl on this excursion than you would initially imagine – well worth a visit.


Is delicious by the way. And no, it’s not eaten at every meal. Kiev’s restaurant and eating out culture is INSANE. Of course, there are the homely traditional restaurants, but modern Ukrainian gastronomy is booming and you’re not going to be paying anything close to London prices. There are tons of international restaurants in Kiev with sushi, steakhouses and Italians all being firm favourites. Our personal preference is Milk Bar for dessert, perfect with a warm cup of lavender milk after dinner.


And to address the elephant in the room, the war with Russia! But we want to shout it from the rooftops, ‘UKRAINE IS SAFE’. Of course, Crimea is still off-limits, but the UK foreign office deems Ukraine to be calm. Kiev is almost 700km from Crimea and you’d have to fly 850km from Kiev to reach Moscow. We all feel safe in Kiev and have never seen as much as a bar fight.


Ok, there’s no denying this one, Vodka is big business in Ukraine. The bar scene is Kiev is pretty lively and the variety rivals most European cities. The Meeko team and our clients love a good night out in Kiev, we’ve found a great gin palace, a beach bar, karaoke and a mental asylum themed bar (of course)! Cocktail, wine and craft beer bars are popping up all over the place and the city is starting to feel very ‘hipster’.

Has been on-trend for years now, so even if this was a true description of Kiev, the city would have been ahead of the game. But it’s not true, post-Soviet architecture has a bad rep and Kiev is a shining example of a bustling, modern metropolis with green spacious parks and a thriving fashion scene. It’s high time the ‘grey’ stereotype was dropped for this vibrant city.

Chicken Kiev

Would you believe us if we told you that the humble chicken Kiev actually originates from Kiev? Well, it doesn’t. It was created in Russia, but the Ukrainians love em’ and you can of course get one at any restaurant worth it’s salt in the city.

Here’s why we love Ukraine

It’s beautiful!

Ukraine might not be the first country that comes to mind for beauty, but that’s where you’ve been missing out. Ukraine has it all! Beautiful cities with wide leafy streets, snow-capped mountains, beaches without the hordes of sunburnt Brits and churches that could easily be confused with the castle of any self-respecting Disney princess.

The talent

This is where we really are ahead of the game. Ukraine ranks 4th in the world for the number of people with higher education, the standard of English leaves India and the Philippines for dust and Kiev is home to more than 170,000 skilled IT specialists

It’s not far to travel

Flights from London are just over 3 hours, and once you land in Kiev, you’re only 30 minutes from the city centre. This means we visit our Ukrainian team for a couple of days whenever we like without much prior planning.

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