24 April 2019
Hiring your Unicorn within an SME?

Hiring within an SME? Do you know you need to hire but you’re not sure where to begin writing the job advert to find your unicorn?

For SMEs, recruiting key team members is a huge investment. For the right candidate you’ll be prepared to stretch your budget for their salary, payroll taxes, employers NI, benefits, overheads, etc. and it all adds up! So, it’s important that you’re hiring the right people at the right time and not making the all-too-common mistake of hiring too fast once you have the budget or you’ve received funding.
Firstly, you need to know exactly who you’re hiring for. You might THINK you need a full-time Marketer, Office Manager or Developer, but sit down and really look at the gaps in your business – are the holes within the same area of the company?

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before you get keyboard happy on the job boards and commit the next 6 weeks to a round of recruitment.

Aptitude vs Experience?

Do you need to hire the senior developer with 10 years’ experience or the corporate office manager to fill the gaps in your business? These people will be expensive, and you need to ask yourself why they would want to work for you? Maybe they are winding down from their stressful careers in the city or see working for a start-up or SME as a gentler pace of life… Sure, they might have the right answers right off the bat but is this what you need! Or are you looking for the (very capable) candidate starting off or making a change in their career who’s is a bit of a maverick, they’re going to challenge you on your ideas and be hungry to dive into the inevitable hard work your business needs? There are loads of aptitude tests out there that you can use to make sure you’re getting the brightest of the bunch, even if they do lack a bit of experience.

Full time vs Part-time?

This one is easy. If your internal systems are up to scratch and you’re not looking for a bookkeeper to trawl through your printed receipts to do your Vat return – you could probably hire one part-time. The same goes for any role and it will suit lots of the candidates out there. That said, if you did need an Office Manager and a Bookkeeper you could put the job advert out as ‘Office Manager – strong finance skills’ and see who you get. Two birds with one stone!

Temp vs Permanent?

With temporary staff, there’s the cost of hiring them to consider – but also the REAL cost of using an agency or freelancer! You might consider using them, but their priorities often won’t be the same as yours. Are your freelancer or agency relationships not working out? Here’s the reason why.
But, on the other hand, permanent staff are a big commitment. You will have all of the on costs that employers incur, the overheads of having them work from your office and then the pressure and responsibility of making sure you have enough work for them to fill their time.

Offshore vs in-house?

There are obviously loads of perks for each of these options and admittedly we’re quite biased here. If you choose to recruit in-house you’ll be able to sit next to your team and talk to them about anything you have going on – this is important, of course, you want to meet your team and hang out with them at happy hour. These reasons for only using in-house staff are all well and good – If it was still 1970! But the world has moved on and more than 70% of the global working population work remotely at least once a week…Keep up!

Here are just 3 of the 734 reasons why using offshore staff with Meeko is better for the forward-thinking hiring manager than in-house recruitment:

• Staying connected is easier than ever because of… the internet! You can use any method of communication to talk to your team – face to face on Skype, Video link from our office or use the telephone. Our office is based in Central Kiev which is only 3hrs 20mins from London, so happy hour hang outs do still happen!
• It’s cost effective – This means you can hire your bookkeeper, developer and data analyst for the same cost as one Office Manager in the UK.
• The talent pool is huge! Ukraine is the home to 170,000 skilled IT specialists and software engineers and Upwork ranks it as the third best place in the world to find people with advanced tech and IT skills. But it’s not just tech talent that the country has to offer, Ukraine ranks 4th in the world for the number of people with higher education and the level of accountancy and bookkeeping is super high.
• They’re permanent. When you think of using offshore staff, you’re probably assuming it would be for a short-term project or contract, but that not what we do. We find companies like yours permanent, dedicated, offshore teams and blend them into your business.

Find out how we have helped companies all over the world grow faster by using permanent offshore teams here in our case studies.

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