24 April 2019
Freelancer or agency relationships not working out

Are your freelancer or agency relationships not working out? Here’s the reason why.

Because they don’t share the same goal as you!

There are thousands of websites out there giving freelancers tips and tricks about how to get the most out of doing this type of work as well as the pros and cons of choosing not to be an employee. But we challenge you to find us one site that sells this lifestyle with ‘because you get to share the same vision and goal as your client, be totally invested in their product and work with them to make sure they succeed’.

If you find that site, send us the link and we’ll eat our hats. But what you’re more likely to find are the real motivators for your freelancer:

  • Money – Freelancing pays significantly more than being an employee
  • No commute – The dream! We can’t blame them
  • Flexibility – Two-timing clients with limited commitments to anyone
  • ‘Be your own boss’ – Making the decisions on when they work and on which projects.

All perfectly good reasons to BE a freelancer, but not necessarily for hiring one to work with you in your business.
Of course, we can why see hiring an agency as a short-term solution or using a freelancer for a quick website fix could make sense, but we don’t believe this approach is always the right way to go – especially for small businesses.

Freelancers have chosen lifestyle over job security, and good for them, we’re not knocking it. But with remote working becoming the norm you could have permanent staff working for you remotely instead for double to the commitment and half the cost. It’s going to save you some cash as well as the time overhead of passing your project from pillar to post with agencies. You need someone who is as dedicated to your business and its growth as you are, and who better to do that than someone on your payroll!

Hiring within a startup or SME can be tough though and a massive financial commitment which is why you’ve probably used short-term solutions. But it doesn’t have to be!

Find out here how we have saved small business owners all over the world from the agency trap!

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