24 April 2019
Working IN instead of ON your business?

Hey, entrepreneurs! Are you spending too much time working IN your business instead of ON it?

You’re spending every waking hour working away to make your new business a success, you’re being kept awake at night stressing about how you’re going to make it from your pitch to a potential investor, to meet with a new client, and then make it back to the office in time to pay your suppliers – we can almost teleport, right?

On top of this, you’re also questioning how sustainable this is, how long can you be consumed by every area of your business all in one day? The answer is, not forever! But there are some simple changes you can make to help you for the time being, not to mention your family and friends. Trust us, they have heard enough about your wild nights spend in the office running cash flow reports…

Look after yourself and get enough sleep

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? But you’d be amazed at the number of entrepreneurs who are hooked on pumpkin spiced soy lattes and burn the candles at both ends. So, ditch the afternoon pick me ups and keep a notepad and pen next to your bed. If you’re waking up because you’re worried about something, write it down, get back to sleep and think about it in the morning.

Your top 4

This is about knowing what’s important to you and your business and not getting sucked into the day-to-day email noise of not-important tasks. Each morning spend 30 seconds to write down the top 4 things you need to get done on that day and prioritize them. Get to the most important one first, then the second…. You get the gist. You could also do this for your week, month and quarter to help you focus on where your time will be best spent. It probably doesn’t matter that you didn’t get to change the colour coding on your expense claims report if you’ve prioritized submitting your Vat return instead – smart move!

Turn down the noise

This might mean actual noise or noise from incoming emails, slack, someone in your shared office space trying to talk to you about their weekend. There are times that we all need to put on our ‘go-away’ face, stick some headphones in and ignore the outside world so, find a space that you can do just that in! Turning email pop-ups off and logging out of slack will also help, just check in a couple of times in the day to see if anything’s on fire and if not, ignore the rest of the noise until you’re done with your top 4.


If you’re not at a point where you’ve made your first hire, taking the decision to go down this route will be scary, and you may not have exhausted other avenues first before you splash out on an employee. Delegation might not need to be to someone you employ, but you could have a look at if your time is being spent wisely:

  • Accounts – are you spending time doing your own bookkeeping and accountancy that you could outsource cost-effectively? Learning your business inside out is a great idea, but if your self-teaching this could cause problems down the line. It will pay dividends later to get this right from the start.
  • Admin/appointment booking and day-to-day responding to clients & suppliers – We’re not suggesting that you need a PA (or maybe you do) or just a better system and structure for your working day? You could think about hiring an intern or apprentice.
  • Development of your product. This might be design, web or app development -anything, but if you’re learning these skill on the job or you’re a bit rusty then it might be about time to get someone to help you out even in the short term. This area of your business is important because it’s your vision, without your product you don’t have a business, right?
  • Sales and strategy – You know your product better than anyone else, it’s your baby and you are still the face of the company. Nobody can sell it like you, and nobody has the same passion or vision for it as you do. So, this is going to be tough to delegate. At some point in the future, it’s inevitable you will need a salesperson on board, one who cares just as much as you do but for now, maybe this is your priority?

So, the question you should be asking yourself is: If you’re spending all of your time doing the basics and the day-to-day, who is working on the bigger picture and future of your business?

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